Antartic Cruises Schedule

Schedule of antartic cruises arrivals to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Argentina

Ship Cruise operator Arrival Departure Passengers capacity Itinerary
MAGELLAN EXPLORER ANTARCTICA 21 09/24/2023   07:00 09/24/2023   18:00 100 Antarctic

The schedule, updated on March 25th (2024), is prepared by the Instituto Fueguino de Turismo, based on information provided by the Dirección Provincial de Puertos and is subject to modifications. For any doubts, contact us at e-mail:

Antarctica, the big white continent

Experience Antarctica

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Antarctica: Exploring the frozen corners of the world

Antarctica is the last continent discovered by men. Most of its 14 million square kilometers are covered with ice, which is about 1.5 kilometers thick.

This territory is located almost entirely within the Antarctic Circle, and because the lines of longitude meet at the poles, Antarctica encompasses all time zones on the planet. Its name derives from the Greek word Antarktikos, which means “opposite the Arctic”, that is, opposite the North Pole.

Its history is linked to the era of explorers and adventurers. From Cook, Bellingshausen, Weddell, and Ross, to Amundsen, Scott, Nordenskjöld, and Shackleton, Antarctica beckoned man with its uninhabitable lands, challenging seas, and the promise of great discoveries.

Today, the White Continent continues to captivate people’s imagination, with a different imprint: the unforgettable experience of visiting one of the last places on the planet where nature still dominates, undefeated.