Peninsula Mitre Natural Protected Area

Peninsula Mitre Natural Protected Area

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Peninsula Mitre is located at the eastern tip of the island. Due to its natural and cultural value, it was declared as a protected area by Provincial Law 1461. The reserve also includes the maritime zone around Isla de los Estados (Staten Island) and Isla Año Nuevo.

The peninsula is home of endangered native species such as the red fox, the southern marine otter,  the huillín, the Ruddy-headed Goose, the Striated caracara, and the blackish cinclodes.

The area is also the habitat of a diverse sea fauna that includes the  Imperial cormorant, the rock shag, the South American sea lion, the South American fur seal, and the southern rockhopper penguin. The latest has been listed as a threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

This reserve holds about 84% of the country´s peatlands and also is home to 30% of Argentina’s kelp forest. Peninsula Mitre is considered one of the last undisturbed global refuges for this increasingly rare underwater ecosystem. Another important fact is that the waterways have not been used for salmon farming, which keeps the native ichthyofauna intact.

Peninsula Mitre has an important geological, paleontological and cultural value. Foundings in the area include fossils,  archaeological remains belonging to the Haush tribes, and remnants from shipwrecks  dating back to the 19 century. These foundings had been declared as historical heritage.

Important information 

A permission issued by the Secretary of Enviroment of Tierra del Fuego is required to enter this natural reserve. To visit to their website click HERE