Humedales trail

Humedales trail

The peat bogs of the Andorra Valley are unique ecosystems, surrounded by forests and mountains of great beauty. A low-difficulty trail takes you through this area, listed as one of the most important Ramsar sites on the island.


Signaled footpath


Network partially enabled


Duration: 2 h 30 min


Round trip

Difficulty: Low


Longitude: 4km


IMPORTANTE: Es necesario planificar su salida, extremando las precauciones en las temporadas de otoño e invierno, debido a que disminuyen las horas de luz natural, se registran temperaturas bajo cero y el terreno puede encontrarse con presencia de barro, hielo y/o nieve. Es fundamental contar con indumentaria y calzado adecuado. En caso de emergencia, llamar al 911.

This trail goes through the lower part of the Andorra Valley, and has a low difficulty. The hike begins at a gate located at the bottom of the Andorra Valley, about 8 kilometers from downtown Ushuaia. Once you cross the gate, you will find the Ramsar site, which has more than 11 types of wetlands. After 500 meters you will see the first peat bog, degraded by industrial exploitation years ago. Following the trail you will come across with Sphagnum peat bogs, wooded peat bogs and muddy terrain, so waterproof clothing and footwear is a must. When you get to the Arroyo Grande, you must continue to walk along its bank without crossing the bridge. About 200 meters from the bridge, you will see the elevated peat bog of the Valley. This type of peat bogs has a unique biodiversity, as they contain a mixture of mosses, vascular plants, fungi and lichens. Peatlands are ecosystems that contain a layer of decomposing organic matter (peat). The decomposition process can take thousands of years. In the Andorra Valley there are peat bogs that have a depth of 10 meters, so it is estimated that they are 10 thousand years old. This low difficulty trail is ideal to walk at a quiet pace, while  you enjoy  the beauty of this unique environment.