Laguna de los Patos Reserve

Laguna de los Patos Reserve

How to get here

Se llega tomando el camino al aeropuerto de la ciudad de Río Grande, al costado del desvío que conduce a este lugar viniendo desde el norte por la ruta nacional 3.   


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Laguna de los patos trail

Location: located in the urban ejido of the Municipality of Río Grande, it is located on Ruta Nac. Nº 3.

Conservation value:

The "Laguna de los Patos" promenade gives value to a typical natural area of ​​the steppe, which, in the middle of the urban space, shelters various species of birds at different times of the year. Ducks, herons, cauquenes, plovers, thrushes and others nest, rest and feed in this lagoon.

Its objective is to preserve the remnants of the original nature in the city, to protect samples of ecosystems similar to the original ones of the region, for educational and conservationist purposes.

What services does it offer?

La Laguna has a small dock that barely advances a few meters above the water and a walkway delimited by an elegant wooden gate where benches rest on a kind of rest in front of the water mirror. At each step you can also see different lecterns with information about the place: historical reference and the different species that live in that place that give it a Natural Reserve hierarchy. It is totally outdoors and has no shelter. In summer it is possible to appreciate the multiplicity of bird species that surround the lagoon. At the end of the road and almost in front of the pier there is a small viewpoint made of wood from which you can take more detailed photos. In the winter the water mirror is transformed into a natural skating rink worthy of visiting where with the adequate shelter you can get around the Patagonian cold.


The lagoon of the ducks, is a source of water formed by springs and springs that develop in floodplains or fertile plains, surrounded by a sample of Patagonian plateau. There is an assemblage of species, including birds of different families. In summer, in its waters and banks, there are many micro-organisms and insects that are the food of many birds, which also find in the high pastures and in the islets of their interior a suitable place to build their nests and raise their chicks Some of these birds arrive from distant places in Patagonia, others live in Rio Grande all year round and others travel from the Northern Hemisphere to spend the summer.

Creation story:

The "Laguna de los patos" promenade was declared an Urban Natural Reserve, in 2012 through municipal ordinance 2976.