Laguna del Diablo natural reserve

Laguna del Diablo natural reserve

How to get here

Desde el centro de la ciudad de Ushuaia,se debe subir hasta la Avenida Leandro N. Alem a la altura 3000-3200.

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This reserve is located in the Andino neighbourhood, between Alem, Las Lajas, Staiyakin and Costa de la Laguna streets.

Conservation value:

It protects a small sector of lenga forest, important for its role as a green lung in a city in continuous growth. Another objective is to preserve specific natural characteristics and a peat bog ecosystem.

What services does it offer?

Ice skating in winter, when the pond feezes.


It is a small reserve of 3 hectares of Patagonian forest, with a predominance of the species Nothofagus pumilio. In addition, there is a small lagoon of glacial origin, surrounded by a peat bog ecosystem.

The reserve was created by Provincial law Nº 487 in 1991 and it's under the administration of the Municipality of Ushuaia.