Beban waterfall trail

Beban waterfall trail

At 17 km from Ushuaia, it crosses the beautiful landscapes of the Tierra Mayor Valley, framed by imposing mountains, forests and peat bogs.


Signaled footpath


Network partially enabled


Duration: 4 h


Round trip

Difficulty: Medium


Longitude: 10km


IMPORTANTE: Es necesario planificar su salida, extremando las precauciones en las temporadas de otoño e invierno, debido a que disminuyen las horas de luz natural, se registran temperaturas bajo cero y el terreno puede encontrarse con presencia de barro, hielo y/o nieve. Es fundamental contar con indumentaria y calzado adecuado. En caso de emergencia, llamar al 911.

This trail is located in the Tierra Mayor Valley Natural Reserve, 17 kilometers away from Ushuaia, taking the National Route 3. There is a parking area at the beginning of the trail as well as an informative panel. It is worth mentioning that the first stretch of the trail is used as a connection to access other trails such as the Bonete Hill shelter, Beban Pass, Ceniza Lagoon, Esmeralda Lagoon and even Tierra Mayor Winter Center. That is why it is important to pay attention to the signs indicating the different circuits. This trail goes through lenga forests and wide peat bogs, until it ascends to a high mountain environment that leads to the Beban waterfall. In this circuit there are two picnic areas with benches and tables, signage throughout the route, and bridges that allow you to cross the river and peat bogs without difficulty. During the hike you can appreciate the high peat bogs with their particular shapes and colors, the majestic Carbajal Valley, Mount Olivia and the Sierra Sorondo. Main attractions: Tierra Mayor Valley, Larsifashaj River, Sierra Sorondo, Mount Olivia, Olivia River, Beban Waterfall.